Sunday, 2 December 2012

Procrastination - is it blocking your success?

Hi Everybody,
Procrastination has been a rather large problem with me these last few months. I keep putting things off, somehow hoping that every thing will magically fall into place. Strangely enough, it hasn't so far .....

In fact, at the moment I'm going nowhere very fast, having badly sprained my right ankle, and cracking the radius bone in my left wrist after a fall two weeks ago.

This means I need to come up with ways to supplement my income, as being self-employed, no work means no pay. With a cast on my wrist until at least the 21st December I can neither drive, nor do any aromatherapy sessions even if I could get myself to work. It may well be the middle to end of January before I can be fit to work again. (Although I'm using plenty of both EFT and Reiki in daily self-healing sessions.)

I'm now actively looking around for feasible alternatives, perhaps involving the crafting that I love to do. Physical hand-crafted products may be a little tricky right now, but I can still work digitally, albeit slowly.

So it's time to pull my finger out, and put procrastination behind me.

It is, therefore, very timely that Carol Look, an acclaimed EFT Master and a leader in the field of energy psychology, has a FREE online 60 minute tapping training session in the pipeline.

I like Carol's work and will be sitting in on this, having already signed up for my spot.

So what's it all about?

  "Is procrastination making you unhappy?

   Special Invite: Online tapping training with Carol Look

   Clear your procrastination blocks.

Do you have that nagging feel that you really need to get something done? (Umm, yes.)

Maybe you're in a dead end job and you want to start your own business. Or maybe it's pursuing a new hobby. Or maybe it's just getting through that long list of to-dos so you can spend more quality time with your loved ones... (diversifying my business, combining my hobby with a different additional income stream.)

Whatever it is, you keep procrastinating from doing something... And you know that the more you delay, the more stressed and unhappy you feel. (Umm, yes.)

So what's stopping you from getting things done? (Where do I start....?)

Carol Look has identified the energy blocks that cause your procrastination.

Now, this is pretty exciting stuff coming from Carol.

Carol Look is the EFT master well known for bringing unprecedented innovations to the application of tapping techniques, and publishing her work for the benefit of others.

Once again, Carol leads the tapping field by exploring a topic rarely covered from an energy psychology perspective, and that is how procrastination limits your abundance.

Carol invites you to understand this important topic in depth by joining her for a FREE, 60-minute online tapping training where you'll:

* Learn the real costs of procrastination to your abundance, happiness, and health

* Identify your procrastination type (you might be even more than 1 type)

* Experience a hands-on training of the 4-step clearing process that removes the blocks that drive your procrastination type

After all, it's not every day that an EFT master of Carol's merit gives a FREE tapping training to clear the blocks that drive procrastination, so you really don't want to miss out on such a transformative opportunity that opens up your life to allow abundance to flow in!

Well then, what are you waiting for?

Click to RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW and eliminate the habit of procrastination that is holding you back from having the abundance, freedom and happiness you deserve."

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Bright Blessings, 


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